Epione - Dr. Simon Ourian

Irvine, California 1 comment

Dr. Simon Ourian was suppose to perform a non-surgical nose job on me and it came out crooked. I dont think that anyone needs to spam him. I can bear witness. They wrote up my contract wrong and tried to over charge me for the sessions. He rushed me in and out and left me looking crazy. I actually paid Dr. Rivkin an additional $1000.00 to fix my nose. I walked away from the $2500.00 and two remaining sessions from Dr. Simoni due to the horrific experience.

Dr. Simon Ourian's office can verify that i did not return. It was NOT good work and i did complain to them directly.




Patient privacy rules prevent us from responding in detail to these ridiculous statements.We can say that the reality of what actually happened is far different from this poster's claims.

We are sure most intelligent people who read postings like this realize how absurd online "reviews" can be. Most doctors are doing their best trying to provide great service. In fact, the only way our practice succeeds is by having satisfied clients.

So if you are a prospective patient, my suggestion is visit a doctor in person and ask people you know about their reputation.Don’t rely on some faceless unaccredited write-up on a website.

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